Yahoo Company Announces Plan to Shut Down Several Products

Yahoo Company announces plan to shut down several products said Friday that it planned to wind down several on going projects, including the 18 years old Yahoo Games, in an attempt to strengthen its “editorial offering.”

If you can’t sell them, kill them, indeed. Perhaps Yahoo! shouldn’t have parted with a Billion dollars in acquiring Tumble, which has yet to be profitable for them. I am sad to see the venerable (since 1998) yahoo! Games go… although I have not used it in years, I had played possibly thousands of games of chess against random live opponents (and probably the occasional bot) from all over the world through Yahoo! Games. It makes me wonder what the struggling company will kill next in an attempt to stay alive.

Perhaps sending $1 Billion on Tumbir wan’t such a smart idea after all? The small social network had no ads and really not talked about all that much. It has a loyal user base but in my view it is hardly poised for growth. It probably was not a good idea for acquisition especially at that price.

Every year, it seems like Yahoo closes some of its regional sites. Once again, it is shutting down genre-specific media properties “in the coming weeks”:

Yahoo Astrology will close in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and India.

Yahoo Maktoob News (Arabic and Enligh), Celebrity, Movies, Style, Helwa, Sports, and Weather will close, and the pages will redirect to the Yahoo Maktoob homepages in Arabic and English.

Again, Yahoo says the goal is to “streamline our editorial offering” so that it can focus on just News, Sports, Finance, and Lifestyle.

At the end of 2014, Yahoo said it had closed more than 60 products and services in two years. That number has easily doubled since, as CEO Marissa Mayer tries again and again to lessen the load on the sinking ship.

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