Uninstall QuickTime For Windows: Apple abandons QuickTime

Uninstall QuickTime For Windows: Apple abandons QuickTime For Windows

If you have apple QuickTime on your Windows PC you are at risk of a computer attack. Eve homeland security is urging people to get rid of this software.

Apple has pulled support for QuickTIme on Windows, the video and audio software that had once been widely used to play movie trailers and other Internet Media Clips.

QuickTime for Windows will continue to work, and is curiously still available for download, but Apple urged Windows customers to uninstall the program. Apple has created a page on its website that details how to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.

QuitckTime has been reported as having some quite serious security flaws and current advice is that you should uninstall it NOW, if it is on your Windows machine. For those who may not have noticed the latest techie news going around. If you have a Windows PC you may have a piece of Apple Software called QuickTIme.

They “The Government” are trying so hard to turn everyone against Apple be user they see Apple as standing in their way to controlling encryption and accessing people’s information. They are using public figures like Trump and Cruz to try and turn public opinion and it’s disgusting the lengths they are going through to try and throw them under the bus for protecting our basic freedom of Privacy. Pass this on and continue to fight them on this. If the government gets control of encryption and builds ha doors so will the bad guys as known as crackers, think about it the FBI paid. Crackers to break into iPhones they are equally just as bad. Don’t be a fool and let your opinion be created by the media and puppets of the government.

There’s not much reason to have QuickTime on a Windows rig in this day because there are so many better options for watching video. That’s why Apple has stopped updating it. And since a lack of updates means a lack of protection- including against two active vulnerabilities- you need to dump it.

The two vulnerabilities were reported by Trend Micro, and will never be patched. Trend Micro says there are no active attacks that exploit the vulnerability yet, but now that they’re public-and that Apple is publicly done with QuickTime for Windows-it’s wise to take preemptive action.

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