Top 25 iOS 10 Coolest Features

Top 25 iOS 10 Coolest Features 

1. Hands Down: It is the coolest features that is not even talk about on stage and this is the ability to finally delete stock applications

2. Raised To Wake: This is pretty straight forward to simply raise your phone to view notifications. This is meant to remedy the speed of touch ID which in certain cases can be a little too fast especially when you want to touch the home bottom just to see you notification and somehow blow by it unlocked inside your phone now without having to do that or press the sleep/wake bottom you have access to your notifications.

3. Redesigned Notification Screen: Looks immensely better and it’s also more functional because finally there’s the ability to clear all notifications from within that screen.

4. 3D Touch: Improvements of 3D Touch applies to both the notification screen and the home screen and this is really cool because on the home screen you’ll be able to use widgets within the app that a light never need to fully open it now features.

5. List of Modification: It search through your words and find the ones that are best suited to be replaced and then from there he simply tap and you can replace those with Emojis.

6. Bubble Effect: Dynamic messaging bubbles is an easier way to describe it but the idea what this is to be able to express feeling through your text message.

7. Handwritten Message: You can send a handwritten message. This is cool if you’re able to write neatly and legibly.

8. Full Screen Animations: This features were going to be cool for the first day but honestly something you never use again.

9. Invisible Ink: This is a little mystery and suspense to the message you’re sending to the person on the other side initially has no idea what’s coming through and is different and unique as it does have the potential to be a little bit dangerous.

10. Tap Back: This is one of 6 replies that allows you to respond quickly but if you think about it this is really just a glorified gift-wrapped cake.

11. Personal Text: If you’ve ever written out that perfect message and thought to yourself man. This really need a fireball a sketch or a heartbeat but couldn’t do it but now you can.

12. Stickers: This is actually part of the new app store for iMessage. The idea here is you’re gonna be able to spice up your message by adding them to the bubbles not just sending them separately but actually adding them onto the texts.

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