Solar Plane Resume Global Flight

Solar Plane Resume Global Flight in April After 9 Months Delay

The single seat aircraft’s crew will look for favorable launch conditions this month. The Solar plane has been grounded in Hawaii since July after its batteries overheated on a flight from Japan.

Solar Impulse 2 will take to the sky again later this month (Solar Plane Resume Global Flight) to continue its record-breaking solar powered flight around the world. You can keep track of the team’s historic progress at and follow along as they change the global transportation paradigm.

Are You Ready For Solar Powered Aircraft : Solar Plane Resume Global Flight in April

A new solar powered plane that will be used to fly around the world in five consecutive days without using any fuel was unveiled Wednesday in Switzerland.

Pilots Andr Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard revealed the futuristic flying machine in a ceremony in Payerne before an audience of industry officials, reporters and dignitaries. The solar plane, named Solar Impulse 2, will be used to circumnavigate the globe in 2015, with the Swiss pilots hoping to accomplish the first around the world flight in a solar powered aircraft.

Piccard described his pride in showcasing the Solar Impulse 2 plane, and said the aircraft represents true pioneering spirit, as many aviation experts initially said it would be impossible to engineer such a lightweight but resilient solar plane.

“When solar Impulse was born 12 years ago, and we could show the enourmous wings and the light weight of its structure on computer designs, all the specialists in the world of aviation started to laugh,” he said. “Today, this airplane exists, It’s the most incredible airplane of its time. It can fly with no fuel, day and night, and we hope that we can make it around the world.”

Last year, Borschberg and Piccard flew a first generation prototype of the Solar Impulse plane on a record setting coast to coast flight across the United States. The journey form California to New York took two months, and included five planned stops. Solar Impulse ended its cross-country flight in New York City, touching down at John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 6, 2013.

The Solar Impulse planes are the first to be able to fly day and night without any on board fuel. The ultra-light weight planes are powered entirely by solar panels and batteries, which charge during the day to allow the plane to fly even when the sun goes down.

Since last year’s flight, engineers have made adjustments to the design of the solar plane in preparation for the around the world mission.

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