FBI Can’t tell Apple How it Unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone

FBI Can’t tell Apple How it Unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone

Beware everyone. If you own an iPhone. The professional technicians who discovered the flaw that led to the FBI’s iPhone cracking tool have now the sole legal ownership of the method. These agents might not even know what the vulnerability is or how its resulting hardware works exactly. Nor to mentioned that the feds got help from a group of cracker- from outside the U.S. It is scary.

According to the report, “The US government now has to weigh whether to disclose the flaws to Apple, a decision that probably will be made by a White House-led group. “ Apple said last week that it would not sure the government to gain access to the solution. Part of the reason for that, presumably, is that the vulnerability has restricted reach and increasingly diminishing returns: it can only be used on iPhone 5Cs running the iOS 9 operating systems. Either way, it is slightly unsettling to know that the US government would rather you get cracked than give up the secret sauce so it can reserve the right to hack you too.

The FPI cracked a San Bernardino terrorist’s phone with the help of professional hackers who discovered and brought to the bureau at least one previously unknown software flaw, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new information was then used to create a piece of hardware that helped the FBI to cracked the iPhone’s four-digit personal identification number without triggering a security feature that would have erased all the data, the individuals said.

The researchers, who typically keep a low profile, specialize in hunting for vulnerabilities in software and then in some cases selling them to the U.S. government. They were paid a one-time flat fee for the solution.

The FBI paid outlaw, ‘gray hat’ crackers to help them break into the iPhone of the ‘San Bernardino shooters. So called gray hats don’t notify software developers about the vulnerabilities they find, instead hoping to be able to milk money out of victims and developers alike, often going up to and over to line into illegal extortion.

If the FBI had used legitimate security experts, of course, any vulnerabilities they found would be reported back to Apple—because that is what ETHICAL crackers do.

The FBI had other motives: ‘Details have not yet been shared with Apple: according to Comey, discussions are ongoing, but the agency is concerned that the tech titan will patch the hole (and others like it), and “we’re back where we started from.”

The Washington Post reported the government paid a one-time fee for detail about a software flaw on the phone. The flaw by passed a security feature that erases data after unsuccessful login attempts.

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