New HTC 10 Flagship Smartphone

HTC Technology Company Announces New HTC 10 Flagship Smartphone

The HTC 10 has a 5.2 inch, quad HD Super LCD 5 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM. The phone is scheduled to be available next month for $ 699.
Sweet move from HTC. Always had a thing for their phones, but the camera’s been weak until their most recent announcement.
Boom sound is back with the HTC 10, but this time, no large, intruding front-facing grills. Instead, we have the tweeter up top (in the earpiece), and a woofer at the base. Each speaker has its own amplifier. Headphone wise, it’s rocking a 24 bit DAC: “It will capture 24 bit audio, it will upscale to 24 bit, with a high quality DAC, as well as featuring a more powerful headphone amp, that will drive higher-quality, more demanding, headphones.”
HTC users has been glad to hear that the company has outed a plethora of videos for you to see its latest flagship from every angle. Now, you may want to grab some snacks, because it’s quite a journey.

It’s been ten years HTC insist on making it. This is the best smartphone that why HTC made the HTC ten number. Ten (10) means


You can look at the design that is inspired by the light kit contour back and front laying on a table, seen the light reflection from various angles. The chamber and the edge not only gives a unique character but allows you hold firmly on your hand.


Totality in the next few week you’re here quick story about HTC 10, multimedia experience and the sound, display, images, video as people sharing the moments of brilliance. Keep in mind phones for you from the Optical Image Stabilizer on the front camera out to give you the best selfie experience to discuss it on your profile. TO hear the music Odyssey continue to hear because we understand everybody’s frequency responses sounds a different.

Power of Performance:

Speed of battery smoothness, Boost+, Power Botics system, 3.0 Rapid Charger and Responsive touch screen.

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