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Netflix Streaming Service Begins Rolling Out High Dynamic Range Imaging

HDR, which increases picture quality, is only available on “Marco Polo.” Netflix has not made an official announcement about HDR, but Digital Trends it is live and “coming soon” to other shows.

Netflix today started Netflix streaming series in High Dynamic Range (HDR) which should provide a wider gamut of colors and increased brightness. Currently there’s a very limited supply of HDR video but you can be assured that there will be more. According to Engadget Netflix show Marco Polo is available in HDR video. Currently that is the only show available in High Dynamic Range but another Netflix Original, Daredevil, will soon be available in HDR as well.

To watch shows in HDR you obviously need equipment that supports the playback of such content. Netflix says that the service supports TVs with either Dolby Visual or HDR 10 features.

Are we just making up names to sell more services? I mean, HDR, is High Dynamic Range… High Definition, 4K.. are these not all HDR?

Netflix has confirmed it has begun its roll out of high dynamic range content on its TV and film streaming service.

HDR videos display millions more shades of color and extra levels of brightness than normal ones, allowing images to look more realistic. However, to view them members will need a new type of TV or monitor and a premium priced Netflix subscription.

Anyone who knows anything about DSP and monitor/TV calibration knows this is a bad thing. This is literally just messing with the gamma curve and putting it out of spec or blooming things or exposure adjustments that are again our of spec and since this is ad-hoc it’s probably an automatic and not controlled process. I don’t know what settings they use, but this is not a good thing.

Most TVs don’t even have a 10-bit LUT and most players, including everything that plays Netflix, don’t output over 8 bit per channel. The HDR development for OLED TVs causes tons of saturation and banding because of this.

Netflix says that since every 4k Ultra HD TV released in 2016 from a major manufacturer will be compatible with either Dolby Vision or HDR 10, it’s only a matter of time until it’s HDR streams are available in masse. Vizio and LG currently have Dolby Vision enabled, while TVs from other companies like Sony either provide HDR 10 out of the gate, or can be updated with support, as that company’s 2015 models received last finally.

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