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Nepali Movie Jatra

Nepali Movie JAATRA is a unique movie story.Nepali Movie JAATRA is a unique movie story. This movie based on the story of 3 shopkeeper of the oldest market of Capital City, Asan and Indrachowk, Kathmandu. The Nepali movie jatra story is mainly focused on these three character presenting their happiness, frustration and pain.

Most of the shots of the Movie Jatra was taken in Asan and Indrachowk. Pradeep Bhattrai had written the script of movie Jatra. The director of the nepali movie “Jaatra” is Pradeep himself who have a long background and experience with Maha Sanchar.

Rabindra Singh Baniya is the producer of this movie. He already produce the super hit Nepali movie, Talakjung Vs Tulke. He evolved in the cinemas from theater. This nepali movie jatra is under the banner of Shatkon Arts. He is the movie artist on the role of hanumanji  in Pashupati Parsad.

Nepali Movie Jaatra Review

Nepali Movie Jaatra doesn’t feature any item songs, or the polished visuals shot in chobhar; it doesn’t feature any larger than life characters. Featuring characters from different cross sections of the Nepali society, Jatra tells a story not too unfamiliar to any city dweller. It tells the story we come across to every day.

There are a few rough patches here, though at several instances, the score does not go in synchronization with the visuals. The length could have been shortened at some extent. There are instances the proceedings take longer than necessary to build to a climax.

Jaatra nepali move places itself in the league of Nepali features that try to make their case through the use of sheer cinematic language. Jaatra makes it clear, if you have a genuine story and a passion to tell it. Then you don’t have to resort to item songs or polished visuals of scenic landscapes.

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Cast: Bipin Karki, Rabindra Sing Baniya, Rabinda Jha, Barsha Raut
Length: 2 hrs 24min
Genre: Social Drama
Writer/Director: Pradeep Bhattrai
Executive Producer: Rabindra Singh Baniya
Producers: Singe Lama, Yadav Paudel


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