NASA Inflatable Room

NASA Inflatable Room Officially Attached to International Space Station

The international Space Station is getting an expansion. The Billow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) hitched a ride to the space station on Friday’s Space X launch. The module rode folded up in the trunk of the Dragon capsule, but after it gets attached to the space station, air from the ISS will expand the flexible structure into a room that’s large enough for a person to stand up in roughly 10 feet in diameter by 13 feet long.

A prototype that may one day usher an era of space hotels has successfully been attached to the International Space Station, NASA said Saturday.

International Space Station Gets Experimental New Room with the BEAM Expandable Habitat

The International Space Station (ISS) grew in size April 16 following the successful installation of an experimental new room – the BEAM expandable habitat module.

BEAM is a prototype inflatable habitat that could revolutionize the method of construction of future habitable modules intended for use both in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) as well as for deep space expeditions Beyond Earth Orbit (BEO) to destinations including the Moon, Asteroids and Mars.

The advantage of expandable habitats is that they offer a much better volume to weight ratio compared to standard rigid metallic structures such as all of the current ISS pressurized modules.

Looks like the astronauts have finished their home remodeling- NASA: Inflatable Room Officially Attached to International Space Station, Agency Says. SpaceX launched the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module into orbit earlier in April, and the test module is set to stay aboard the station for two years for testing, NASA said Saturday.

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