Microsoft Company Launches Windows 10 Roadmap

Microsoft Company Launches Windows 10 Roadmap

As of now, the roadmap includes several features that Microsoft didn’t announce as part of the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” coming this summer. Many of those features focus on greater connectivity between phones, PCs and other devices, and while the roadmap is ostensibly for businesses, there are plenty of noteworthy nuggets for consumers as well.

The Windows 10 roadmap provides a snapshot of what we’ve recently made generally available, released into public preview, are still developing and testing, or are no longer developing.

  • Windows and Android phones will be able to unlock and authenticate apps on a Windows PC.
  • “Companion Devices” such as Microsoft Band 2 will be able to unlock a Windows PC.
  • Connecting a Windows phone to an external touch monitor through Continuum will allow for touch controls on the large display.
  • Windows phones will Continuum will support laptop-like docks. (It’s the old Motorala Atrix concept reborn.)
  • Windows PCs will be able to cast their displays to other Windows PCs.
  • Microsoft Edge will get notification support from sites like Facebook, even when the browser is not in use.
  • Cortana notifications will show up in the Action Center.
  • Windows apps will get a picture in picture mode.

To get businesses excited about moving to Windows 10 sooner rather than later, Microsoft is openly talking about all the new features it has lined up for future versions of Windows. It created a new website called “Windows Roadmap,” first reported by ZDNet’s Mary to Foley. Microsoft isn’t promising when all these new features will be available, just that it’s working on them.

Keep in mind that these plans can change. To that end, Microsoft’s roadmap also includes a section for canceled features, though it’s currently unpopulated. As for timing, Microsoft isn’t making any promises, and has not yet started testing any of the above features in its Windows Insider builds.

Microsoft introduced its Roadmap site so users can get updates on the latest features. Microsoft hopes the site will get businesses to convert sooner. Microsoft continues to add new features to windows 10 in order to get more computer users to accept the operating system.

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