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9 Ways to Make Online Money Facebook

There are thousands of money making opportunities on Facebook.

Starting from linking a post status update to managing accounts, there are lots of ways make money on Facebook. Generally you can earn $8 per simple Facebook post update. Does it take hours for posting an enticing status update on Facebook? NO, Right?

So, You can make money on Facebook without any investment very easily, If you take a decision, You can make money form TODAY.

Yes, You can make money from today. Here’s how it work briefly

Tips to Make Money on Facebook

  1. Create an Appealing Facebook Profile
  2. Post Publicly on Facebook. Your goal is to let your friends know what you do for a living and how you can help them.
  3. Use Facebook Messenger. It is like email, but better. If you’ve previously conversed with a prospect and you’re getting ready to talk to them again, you can quickly review all your previous talks in one place.
  4. Send messages based on past conversations and what you know about a friend.
  5. Keep the conversation going. It’s exciting to have someone respond to your messages! Thank them for the response, give them additional information: pictures, videos and details of your offering, and then let them know what the next step is.
  6. Stay in touch on Facebook by posting quality content and interacting with your friends’ posts.
  7. Grow your friends to grow your income. With over a billion users, Facebook offers an unlimited amount of people to talk to if you take the time to build relationships.
  8. Create a group for support and inspiring sales teams.
  9. Remember, Facebook is part of the strategy, not the whole strategy. Facebook connects you to new people and helps you develop relationships. However, you still need to talk with people face to face, over the phone, and at events. They also need to experience a “taste” of your offering.

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