Huawei Virtual Reality Headset: Huawei Smartphone Manufactured

Huawei Virtual Reality Headset: Huawei Smartphone Manufacture Launching VR Headset

VR industry is picking up its pace and we’re seeing every brand trying out stuff from their side. Here’s Huawei (Huawei Virtual Reality Headset) unveiling a VR headset.

The Huawei Virtual Reality Headset is to integrate with Huawei’s smartphones, including the P9, P9 Plus and the Mate 8, and will connect with a USB cable. It will come with 4,000 videos and 40 games, Engadget reported. Following Samsung and LG, Huawei is the latest smartphone manufacturer to leap into virtual reality hardware with its new Huawei VR headset.

For this to work you need to have content that supports it of course, and a pair of your own headphones to plug in. The Huawei VR has a touch panel, a back button, and volume keys on the right. You can’t wear glasses while using it, but its adjustable lenses will apparently work well for users with myopia of down to -7.00.

The headset has 20ms latency and a 95-degree field of view, as well as a blue light filter that’s said to protect your eyes. Huawei will offer over 4,000 free movies for the device, though it’s unclear exactly how many of those are VR videos.

The Huawei VR headset lets you connect the compatible smartphone with a USB Type-C cable to simulate a 130 inch TV viewed from a distance of two meters. The headset offers a resolution of 1080p, but a whopping pixel density of 639ppi.

The headset is equipped with an anti-blue light filter and adjustable lenses. It also has a back button, touch panel and volume rocker, all of which are placed on the right-hand side. The Huawei VR headset also offers a field of view of 95-degrees, compared to 96-degees on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. It is also one of the first VR headsets to offer 360-degree sound, as long as you have the right headphones plugged and with right content bring played. Huawei claims.

Unlike Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR, Huawei is adopting a Samsung Gear VR-style approach, which means that this only works in tandem with your smartphone. But it’s actually more like the LC 360 VR, insofar as you connect your phone to the unit via a USB cable. So it merges the power and processor of the phone with a built in screen inside the headset itself.

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