GoPro Camera Manufacturer Announces Hiring of Veteran Apple Designer Danny Coster

“His design pedigree speaks for itself, but I will say that we feel energized to have him join GoPro,” company founder Nick Woodman said. Coster worked at Apple for over 20 years, outlets reported.

GoPro announced that it had hired Danny Coster, a longtime Apple veteran who is listed on Apple patents going back to 1995, to be its Vice President of Design.

GoPro, which has experienced recent struggles to grow and innovate, managed to snag Danny Coster from Sir Jonathon Ive’s small and secretive design team. He will become the Vice President of design, reporting directly to the chief executive.

After the news, which was first reported by the Information, GoPro’s stock climbed throughout Wednesday’s trading session, finishing the day up 19% at $13.90. Shares of GoPro traded hands at nearly three times the rate of its 3-month average.

The big hire appears to have injected confidence among shareholders who have punished the stock in recent months over revenue shortfalls and concerns about the company’s innovation. Share of GoPro are down roughly 79% from their 52 week high of $65.49.

Comments On News:

  • now I can expect GoPro to phase-out the previous cameras with software upgrades too SMOOTH GoPro
  • Hopefully this will turn things around at GoPro. Good Luck! We here at Scope Photos are big fans of your product.
  • I feel Like GoPro is making all the right moves. I just hope it isn’t too late.
  • Fix the God dame dattery life.. I shouldn’t need eight batteries to last the entire day.
  • Apple Designer Jumps to GoPro

At Lst

Coster’s resignation marks the first known shake-up in the small, tightly knit industrial design team since I’ve handed day to day oversight to another longtime member, Richard Howarth.

Speaking to a high school student from his native New Zealand last month, Coster expressed a wish for more time with family and friends. He indicated that the pressure of working at Apple can be overwhelming, which may help explain his departure.

“Sometimes it seems too daunting because the pressure of things can be too large, “ he said.

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