Taliban Android App

Google Play removes Taliban Android App made by the Taliban

The Taliban group in Afghanistan has been massively using media (Taliban Android App) for the publicity of the group’s insurgency, particularly using its online website and social media networks. With the rampant insurgency led by the group during the past several months across the country, the Taliban militants opted to further intensify its media pressure by creating an application.

The removal of the Taliban app from Google Play Store comes as the observers have questioned on how the group made it through to post its app despite Google removes apps once they have been highlighted as dangerous or insecure.

“Our policies are designed to provide a great experience for users and developers. That’s why we remove apps from Google Play that violate those policies,”according to a statement by Google.

The launch of the app was reported by the US based site Intel Group, which monitors jihadist social media, on April 1. The Pashto language app includes content such as official statements and videos from the Taliban, which has waged a jihad in Afghanistan for more than 14 years since it was ousted in 2001 with help from the US.

A Google spokeswoman confirmed on Sunday that the app is no longer available from the company’s Play Store.

The fact that a “Taliban App” can actually make it to the Google Play Store to begin with should be a story unto itself. Google removed the app “within days” from it’s app store.

Really? “Within Days”? why was it allowed up there to begin with? Isn’t anyone “watching the store”? And I mean literally watching the store.

ISIS, Taliban, and even Al Qaeda all use the internet to reach out, communicate, and recruit. I’m not understanding how it is that things like this “Taliban App” aren’t found, and exploited for its obvious Intel value.

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