Step By Step Process to Apply EDV Lottery Free | Apply EDV 2018

Step By Step Process to Apply EDV Lottery Free | Apply EDV Lottery 2018

Your wait is almost over. You can apply EDV Lottery program from online without any cost. We will guide you step by step process how to submit the form for EDV Lottery Program Free of cost.

Every year more than 50,000 people from the globe immigrate to United States from the Diversity Visa Lottery program. It is the random selection process and is administered by the United States Department of State (DOS).

We have seen that many people are spending money unnecessarily to fill the EDV form. So today we are here to show you how to fill EDV Form correctly without any cost.

Step By Step Process For The EDV Form Fill Up:

Information that you need while filling the EDV Form

  • You Full Name
  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Permanent Resident Address
  • Mailing Address (Post Box Number is essential)
  • Photo
  • Email Address
  • Family Information
  • Level of Education
  • Information of Job if one’s have

After you are ready with all this information you are ready to fill the form. Go to the official website link and fill the above mentioned information step by step.

edv lottery

After filling all these information, make sure that you are doing correct so check once again. Because keep in mind that one person can fill the EDV Form only one time. So be careful while you filling the information.

Generating the valid Photo:

For many of the people generating a valid photo is the problem while filling the EDV visa Lottery Form. Many people do the mistake while submitting the photo.

No worry we will guide you how to submit the correct photo while filling the EDV Form online.

The sample given below is the correct form of photo.

edv lottery

For the detail information regarding the photo requirement and sample go through the link .

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Have a God Luck for you !!!

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