EDV 2017/2018 US Visa Lottery| Apply Online | Free Apply EDV

EDV 2017 2018 US Visa Lottery| Apply Online | Free Apply EDV

Electronic Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (EDV); EDV 2017/2018 is on your door. Every year 50,000 people are successfully immigrating to United States through EDV US Visa Lottery program. This is the cheapest way to reach United States.

The Electronic Diversity Visa program is administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).  According the official site of the EDV Program; the estimated time to filling the EDV 2017/2018 starts from first of the October of this year and goes up to first week of the November.

EDV Rumors and Facts:

Only the winners in the EDV program have the chance to get the green card and become the citizen of United States. If you fill EDV with your family members i.e. means with your husband/wife and your children only then yours all family members can apply for the visa of US after you have been nominated in EDV program. In some cases if a married person fills the EDV Lottery form as like unmarried, his/her spouse and children may face many difficulties to enter United States.

So we suggest to our entire valuable visitor be careful while you fill the EDV form. We have many cases that the people selected for the EDV Lottery program and his/her family are facing many difficulties to enter United States just only due to the mention on wrong marital status in form.

How can you fill EDV 2017 2018 US Visa Lottery Program in Free?

As a fact that many people are spending much money to fill the EDV Lottery program Form. We suggest you not to spend a single penny while filling the form because it’s all free.  If you have any difficulties regarding for submission of your entry, visit our website for the step by step for filling the EDV form.

And the entire gateway to fill the EDV Form is from the official website https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/

EDV 2018 US Visa Lottery : Online Registration

EDV Program 2018 online registration will begin from 1st October 2016 and ends on 3rd November 2016.

Stay in touch with us, for filling the EDV 2018 program form free of cost.

Wish you a good luck for the EDV Visa Lottery Program.

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