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Download Bigo App now and make Free Call without Internet

As many of our user request about some tricks for free calling without internet, we published content for “How to Make Free Call without Internet Using Free Calling Apps”. Today we gonna show you how to download Bigo App and Make Free Call without Internet.

About Bigo App

    • Many other Apps Facebook Messanger, Viber, Skype are for the Free Calling with internet. But Bigo is such a App by which you can make a Free Call without Internet. So download Bigo App today and make free call all over the world without internet.
    • Download Bigo App For Free National and Internet Call.
    • Bigo Out call can be done to any landline and mobile phone to all over the world for free.
    • Bigo to Bigo call with Internet is free all over the world unlimited.
    • Bigo provide Ultra HD visual talk which is not available in most of the Free Calling Apps.
    • Bigo provide you unlimited messaging facilities. Moreover creating the groups and discussion groups are also available in Bigo App. Not only those large group more than 500 members are also allowed in Bigo App.
    • A basic call of 20 minutes is offered each month however in United States, Canada and China, basic cal length is 400 minutes. 10 minutes are given after log in each day.
    • You can invite your friends and gain call time bonus. Every single invitation of your friend you will get 20 minutes talk time bonus.


How to use Bigo ?

  • Download and Install Bigo from the link mentioned below.
  • Open Bigo app, Click Sign Up button.
  • Enter your country and phone number,
  • Click on user agreement and click on next sign on top right.
  • You will receive a pin code through SMS.
  • Enter this pin code and continue.
  • Enjoy Bigo Free.
  • Download Bigo App

Download Bigo App for Android. <<Click Here>>

Download Bigo App for Iphone . <<Click Here>>

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