Death Star Speaker Designed to Resemble ‘Star Wars’ Battle station

Death Star Speaker Designed to Resemble ‘Star Wars’ Battle station

Pricey but cool Greek Star Wars Toy. A floating, spinning, blinking Death Star Speaker. A 1,000 mAh battery promises you at least six hours of streaming John Williams to this compact speaker and it glows when the lights are switched off, helpin to sell the effect of a functional space station. But that’s about all you get for $220 – except of course for the nifty floating effect.

Levitation (Levitating Death Star from movie set STAR WARS) sold on Amazon $220.00 “Take all my money” in caption – The Sound system is speaker that produces electronic sound and the ball floats on the pad. The future is here technology at its best.

The novelty factor is awesome. Charging 150 bucks more for a death star shaped piece of plastic is bad enough but reviews say if you tap a small spot near the exhaust port the whole thing falls apart.

It’s easy to imagine Emperor Palpatine Keeping a tiny, levitating replica of the first Death Star as a daily reminder of his folly (only to ignore it and order the construction of a second moon-sized space station). However, this tiny levitating replica of the Death Star does play music, because it’s a wireless speaker and a nice conversation piece.

Manufactured by hellosy, the little planet obliterating orbit spins above a magnetic base, churning out cool tunes instead of a superlaser for six to eight hours at a time. Plus, it glows in the dark.

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