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Earn Money By Create App Website and Sponsored Tweet

Create An App

It is becoming really easy to create an app nowadays. You can create apps for major platforms like android, ios, windows phones and game consoles, monetize them or sell them via official stores, example play store.

Create a good app, if you have the talent you can make millions by just creating a single app.

Create a Website

Create a website is somewhat similar to creating a blog. But it’s much better than a blogger. On internet everything is website. You can create a website for any purpose. Think a mind blowing idea, plan it well, and develop a website. Get a domain and host, there are many sites providing services like, hosting and domain selling for a very low cost.

Example,, etc. So set your goal get a domain start working on it, the final result is only success!!!

Here are the steps you should follow (should be similar/same on all the major web hosting companies):

  1. Log in to your hosting account.
  2. Go to your control panel.
  3. Look for the “WordPress” icon.
  4. Choose the domain where you want to install your website.

Click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WorldPress website.

Sponsored Tweet

Sponsored tweet allows top brand to tab in to a twitter user follower to reach new customers by giving companies access to your twitter stream. Tweeter are compensated for each advertisement they accept. If someone click of your sponsored tweet you will get paid. If you are a regular tweeter or you have outstanding followers list, it is not that hard to achieve the top level earnings. Anyway it is one of the best easiest way to make money online on the top ten list.

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