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Google Chrome Web Browser Reduces Battery Life on PC More Quickly

Google Chrome Web Browser Reduces battery Microsoft Says Google Chrome Web Browser Reduces Battery Life on PC More Quickly Than Edge Browser Microsoft posted a video of its battery experiment on browsers Monday, saying, “Microsoft Edge Lasts 70 % longer than Chrome, 43% longer than Firefox, and 17% longer than Opera.” This week, Microsoft released testing claiming that Windows 10’s Edge […] Continue reading →

Google Launches Operating System Update : Android

android n features Android: Google Launches Operating System Update With New Nearby Notification Feature Released Thursday as part of an update for Google Play Services, Nearby will give notification for apps and websites based on a user’s location. It requires Bluetooth and Location enabling. The Play Store offers over one million apps- many of which are created to […] Continue reading →

Google Removes Taliban Android App From Google Play

Taliban Android App Google Play removes Taliban Android App made by the Taliban The Taliban group in Afghanistan has been massively using media (Taliban Android App) for the publicity of the group’s insurgency, particularly using its online website and social media networks. With the rampant insurgency led by the group during the past several months across the country, […] Continue reading →

Google Android N features and Review

android n features Android N Features  For the first time, Android will also offer a split-screen view, Apps that support this will be able to run side-by-side with other apps on both tablets and phones (and developers can set the minimum allowable dimensions for their apps). Multi-windows support is something users have long asked for-especially on tablets. Google’s […] Continue reading →