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26 Weight Loss Tips Based on Science

weight loss tips People are being advised to do all sorts of crazy things, most of which have no evidence behind them. Over the years, however, scientists have found a number of strategies that seem to be effective. Here are 26 weight loss tips that are actually evidence-based. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals Drink plenty of water before […] Continue reading →

Smart Ways To Make Money Online Fast and Free

make money online fast free Smart Ways To Make Money Online Fast and Free There are 100’s of ways to make money online, but not everything will work. Some will be just a plain scam and some will not provide enough income due to high number of competition that exists. Hence, we have a list of ways that is personally […] Continue reading →

9 Ways to Make Online Money Facebook

make online money facebook 9 Ways to Make Online Money Facebook There are thousands of money making opportunities on Facebook. Starting from linking a post status update to managing accounts, there are lots of ways make money on Facebook. Generally you can earn $8 per simple Facebook post update. Does it take hours for posting an enticing status update […] Continue reading →

Uninstall QuickTime For Windows: Apple abandons QuickTime

Uninstall QuickTime Uninstall QuickTime For Windows: Apple abandons QuickTime For Windows If you have apple QuickTime on your Windows PC you are at risk of a computer attack. Eve homeland security is urging people to get rid of this software. Apple has pulled support for QuickTIme on Windows, the video and audio software that had once been […] Continue reading →

Online Ads Replaced By Anti-Censorship Messages AdBlock

Anti-Censorship Messages AdBlock AdBlock: Software Replaces Online Ads With Anti-Censorship Messages AdBlock Instead of showing online ads Saturday, Adblock said it would show messages from guests including Ai Weiwei, Edward Snowden and Pussy Riot in an attempt to raise awareness of cyber censorship. Today is World Day Against Cyber Censorship! We’re celebrating those who fight for online information […] Continue reading →

Start a Blog And Earn Money Through Blogging Online

Earn Money Through Blogging Online Earn Money Through Blogging Online Have you hear about blogging or bloggers? You know people out there are making money from there blogs, Can you believe it? Yes that is true. Simply signup to blogger and start writing blogs. You can wirte about anything, if you got a good wirting skill. No matter the subject […] Continue reading →

How to Make Money Online Fast? Earn $10,000 per week

Make Money Online Fast Make Money Online Fast and Earn $10,000 per week Here are some useful tips and tricks. There are millions of individual people or companies out sourcing there works for normal people like you and me. And the is one of the best marker place for free lancers. May be any of you are […] Continue reading →

How to Earn Money Online – 5 Ways To Earn Money

earn money online just typing Are you willing to earn money from internet? Or do you want to utilize your free time in internet so that you can earn money?? No worry we will give you some really working ideas for earning money through internet jobs. Pay Per Click is the best way to make money through online jobs. Many […] Continue reading →