Canada Express Entry Immigration Process ; Step by Step Process

Canada Express Entry Immigration Process ; Step by Step

Express Entry program is the new system to immigrate in Canada for the skilled workers. This system was implemented by the Canadian government since 2015. From this program, after you complete all the steps and requirements of Express Entry; you will notify within 6 months for the conformation.

Express Entry covers the following three economic immigration programs of Canadian government.

  1. Federal Skilled Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

To get the immigration visa through the Express Entry Program in Canada, you must meet at least one of three categories that we mention above. If you are a current job holders, if you have more than 1 year of experience of the work in any technical field we highly recommend you to select the Federal Skilled Worker Program. In the Federal Skilled Program, there is high opportunity to get the immigration visa of Canada if you have the specific technical skill and experience in high demanded job sector.

Step By Step Process for Canada Express Entry Immigration:

Find out your Eligibility:

At first you have to make sure that, either you are eligible to apply for the certain program you choose or not. Checking your validation for apply is called finding your eligibility process.

Check your eligibility online <<Click Here>>

Language Test:

Your second step is language test. At least you must have CLB 7 to success in language test. Having CLB 10 is the maximum points for the language test.

Check your language test marks equivalent to CLB <<CLICK HERE>>

Education Credential Assessment:

In this step, your qualifications in your country need to be assessed.

To find details about educational credential assessment <<CLICK HERE>>

NOC – National Occupation Classification:

With NOC Canadian government will categorize the occupation. Occupations are classified on the type of job a person does or the type of the duties assigned. Determine the code that best applies to you. <<CLICK HERE>>

Creating Express Entry Profile:

After completion of these steps, it’s time to create Express Entry Profile.

To create the Express entry profile, <<CLICK HERE>>

Registration in Job bank:

After creating Express Entry profile, you have to register your details in the Job bank. From which the Canadian Company will visit your profile and let you offer for the job.

For registration in job bank <<CLICK HERE>>

Every step you followed from the top will holds its own point. Basically points are based on your age, qualification, work experience, language skill test, and marital status.

To find all information regarding point system in Express Entry  <<CLICK HERE>>

You will be pooled with other applicant.To check the pool <<CLICK HERE>>

It is to be noted that there is total 1200 points; 600 point is the minimum criteria that you have chances to get success for Express Entry Immigration. However more point will make you sure to get immigration visa in Canada.

You will get 600 point after you get the job offer during the process.

At last you have to wait for the invitation to apply. You will get the invitation within six month of completion of process.

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